About Us

The meaning of the website name "WANCO" is an English word " Dog" in Japanese.

We are a small team of passionate animal lovers, all with some canine/animal industry profession or experiences. Together, our mission is to facilitate meaningful connections between pets and their owners through our products, services, information and educational materials.

Our mission

Our mission is to create meaningful happy lives for both your pets and their owners.

We are committed to provide the highest level of quality and services to pet owners, professionals and students in the pet industry through education and practical experiences and products.

Our story

Funded in 2020 (during which you could say), the world was reaching out for pet companions.

Pet Education Services (PES) is affiliated with Japan Animal Education Incorporated Association (SAE) that has been providing both education and solution to millions of pet owners and industry leaders in Japan.

Whether training, grooming, nutrition, health-care or pet products, PES connects people to unique and heartful experiences with pets in Australian and Japan with our vast local network within the two countries.

Our Products

We leverage our local and international network to help pet owners to find the best products and services - all with the goal of connecting pets, owners and businesses in this global pet community.

Affiliated company in Japan

Company Name : SAE Marketing One Co., Ltd.