Medium dogs and Corgi | Striped Mustard

Product Description

In order to give their body the balance & secure support they need without creating additional stress to injured or other parts of the body, it is important to have the correct fitting.  Please find the best fitting for your dog by adjusting the size as shown in the instruction.

Key Features

1 Hold the handle to assist your dog in getting up.

2 Supports and assists the weight of the dog to help him walk over steps and wobbles.

* This product is a harness to help your dog walk. Please do not pull or lift your dog by force.

Size adjustment

Depending on the length of the body and amount of coat, you can change the position of buttons (3 positions).

1Adjustable fasteners at the neck, waist, and hips to fit the body.

2 Adjustable belt length to suit the size of the dog and the height of the owner.

3U-shaped curve adapted to boys.

4Handles for a soft grip.

1Adjust the length of the product based on your dog’s body length.
   - Leave some room around the neck.

2Adjust the size and fit it on 2 the body/torso.

3Put the leg strap around the 3 hindlegs and adjust to fit.

4Clip on lead at the neck and sides of the body.  (3 points)

Size (Measurement)

Unit (cm) CM CL

(41 to 51)

(51 to 61)

Torso 52
(38 to 54)
(48 to 67)
Distance between foreleg and hind leg 28
(26 to 31)
(32 to 37)
Thigh 30
(23 to 37)
(31 to 45)
Weight (as a guide) Up to
Up to

Maximum quantity available reached.

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