Let us have a funny face dog & Cat contest📣

Let us have a funny face dog & Cat contest📣

How to Get Free Stuff on MY WANCO🎁🥳

◇ Why You Can Get Free Stuff on MY WANCO
We are more than happy to give away free items to customers – and there are some pretty good reasons why: We want to organise an event where you and your dog can have fun at home, even if we are in lockdown with COVID-19.

Due to the delays caused by COVID-19, we will make an announcement by 13 September. We appreciate your patience as it might take some time.

Rules - 1

① All participants must follow "MY WANCO" on Facebook and Instagram before submitting.

② Make sure you create an account on the MY WANCO website (https://mywanco.com).

⇒ Only those who are eligible for ① and ② above will be considered as participants and will be contacted directly after the announcement.

③ Be sure to include the following information in your posting.
 * Upload a photo in the post on FB.
 * Send photos to info@mywanco.com.
   (We will upload the photos on your behalf)

  • Name of your dog or cat
  • Recommended dog parks in Australia

Up to 2 photos can be posted per person.
Any dog and Cat face of it doing something funny.
Must be your dog or Cat.
You can hold it or by itself.
Your comments and "liked" will be included in the selection process.
* Winner will post a photo of themselves with the gifted item to MY WANCO's Facebook or Instagram account.
⑨ For Australian residents only.

 Rules - 2

◆ Winners : 3

◆ Deadline : Until 15th August 2021

◆ Announce the winner : 13th September 2021

* MY WANCO team will judge and run for winner.
* Announcements will be made on MY WANCO's website, Facebook and Instagram etc.

◆ Award : One free item of your choice from MY WANCO's WEB.

* Get a Free Gift of One Item of your choice under $79.00.
* Half price discount will be applied to items priced at over $79.00.
* Please choose other products if out of stock.
* Special discounts will be offered to all participants except the winner.
  ⇒ Free shipping on all purchases of over $39.00.
* Only the full price applies.

Note : Please agree and understand that the photos you post and your name (including your Face book name)  will be used on the MY WANCO website and SNS such as Facebook and Instagram.

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