Importance of homemade food and dog's Life expectancy

Importance of homemade food and dog's Life expectancy
Homemade food is recommended for senior dogs. Statistical investigation has shown that the life span of senior dogs has increased by 32 months.

All dog owners want their beloved dogs to live forever, don't they? The results of a statistical investigation published in July 2003 in Europe, one of the most advanced pet countries in the world, are what I would like you to know.

According to the results of a study conducted over a period of five years starting in 1998, comparing 522 dogs of various breeds, weights, and genders, "dogs that lived longer" and "dogs that did not live longer," it became clear that there is a correlation between life-span and a high quality food including fresh vegetables.

While the average life expectancy of dogs on the market with conventional dog food alone was 10.4 years, the average life expectancy of dogs on a mix of dog food and homemade food was 11.9 years, and the average life expectancy of dogs on homemade food alone was 13.1 years.

It is said that senior dogs need about 30-50% more protein than adult dogs to maintain healthy body condition and muscle mass. Metabolic function also declines in seniors. If your dog has been eating only dry food, it is recommended that you switch to high quality animal protein that is easily digested and absorbed, even if only for part of the meal.

It is also important to provide them with a low-energy diet, as their exercise level decreases with age. In order to prolong their healthy life span, meat-eating is the basic diet when they get older. As the body organs deteriorate, the dog's body will demand a diet that is closer to its natural habitat.

Exhibit: "Relation between the domestic dogs' well-being and life expectancy statistical essay”

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