How dogs often behave when they're being scolded

How dogs often behave when they're being scolded

Dogs often do this when they are being punished by their owners

Look away

Dogs are known to use a body language called Calming Signal, which allows them to communicate with their mates without words. When a dog looks away, it is not because it is uninterested in the meaning of your words, or is looking away, but rather it is a calming signal that says "I'm not hostile, don't scold me".

Lowering body and curling tail

When your dog curls its tail and lowers its body in response to you, it is a sign that it is saying "no more scolding". Dog knows and is fearful that the owners are going to scold it. When he makes this gesture, there is no need to scold anymore.

Do not continue to scold your dog, as this can have a very negative impact on your relationship with your dog if remorse is replaced by fear and threat.

Breaking toys and furniture

Your pet may be stressed out from being scolded by you and may be venting.

Deliberately leaving the toilet in the wrong place

As well as destructive behaviour such as breaking toys, another problem is when a dog misses the pee pad on purpose, even though he is normally able to do so in his designated area.


If your dog shows signs of depression, remind him of the Ten Dog Commandments. Then you'll know what to do to comfort your dog.

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